Dictionary.me family of resource sites

Our family of sites – dictionary.me, synonym.me, thesaurus.me, and translator.me – have been spawned from a desire to share knowledge in a convenient and relevant way. The Dictionary.me team of wizards are eager and driven to help each user learn and build knowledge through simple tools. Whether the quest for knowledge is for work, school, play or other, we hope our language and knowledge tool kit will help.

We are a new company and eager to stand out in a crowd. We will diligently search for tools that help enhance our user's needs. We realize and expect NOT to have all the answers in the forms and functions required, but we are driven to listen to our users and help build a solution for every need.

Language is the music of communication. Every word counts. And the word(s) that come first for us will always be “first, do no harm” – Primum Non Nocere.